Life through the eyes of RMBS Students

  • 2015/03/20

    UBC GNAM week Day 3

    As what I said, it was cloudy on the morning of today, after I took my umbrella with me it changed to sunny after a while.

  • 2015/03/18

    UBC GNAM Week Day 2

    I do have a special experience that when I take umbrella with me to take precautions against raining, guest what, there is 100% won’t&a

  • 2015/03/17

    UBC GNAM Week Day 1

    I don’t remember who said it exactly, but I do trust it indeed - -the tour is that road of knowledge

  • 2015/03/17

    Global Network Week: Renmin Students at HKUST - Day 2

    First day of class is interesting to me. Here we have a totally different learning way from how we did in RUC.

  • 2015/03/16

    Global Network Week: Renmin Students at HKUST

    Today is the first day of Global Network for Advanced Management. I’m lucky that I get the opportunity ...

  • 2015/03/13

    IMBA Ba Da Chu Trip

    On March 10, 2015, in a slightly chilly early spring of Beijing, with a blessing for the new year...

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