My Wonderful Week

Iryne Manathanya

IMBA Candidate '19


One week studying in HKUST has broaden my knowledge and awareness about financial technology and its situation not only in Hong Kong but also around the globe which made me realized how fast the world is changing. Various aspects from the different guest speakers have encouraged me to explore more about this industry and its regulation.

The most impressive part was being educated deeply about “Blockchain” and “Cryptocurrency”. Knowing how it works or how it blends into human lives allow me to trust and feel more secure about new technology. It has make me feel more confident and broken down the fear of being hacked or lost my information. I personally searched “What’s in Estonia” since the first day of GNAM week and I realized wouldn’t it be nice if the people like us can reach to the doubtful information evidently? If we are able to trace which process we are when dealing with the government or the bank or wouldn’t it be nice if we know how government spend our taxes? This inspires me to search more about Blockchain technology and want to experience it by myself. We also studied about how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency like Etherium or Litecoin works which I believe that if we want to understand something clearly, we must cling with it and experience it. This also inspired me to open the cryptocurrency portfolio and learn how to invest in it with 100 HK dollars start up.

During the week, there were also Hong Kong government officers, lawyers and the economist come and give us the knowledge about HK and China economic status and some important regulation that are needed to know if we wanted to do the business in Hong Kong. We also learnt how these countries effect each other which allow us to analyze deeply through the economic status, policy and even culture from different countries.

During this GNAM week, we also have a chance to visit the CyberPort, the place where I personally think that it is a Hong Kong Silicon Valley. It is a creative digital community consist of four office buildings, a hotel and a retail entertainment complex. The school has invited many successful startup entrepreneurs to be our guest speakers which give us the various perspectives through their own experiences in different industries.

Finally, even if it’s just one week that we’ve been in Hong Kong, but meeting the people around the globe, learning by the professional speakers, putting ourselves in the “right” ecosystem does really contribute us to develop ourselves. Thank you Renmin University and HKUST to give me this such a valuable opportunity.

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