Our IMBA Team Triumphs First Prize in the Global Network Investment Competition

Abiral Khatri

IMBA Canditate of 2020


Our IMBA team- ‘Big Six’ from the Business School of Renmin University of China has received the First Prize and $3500 in the Global Network Investment Competition 2018-2019 for the performance prize category organized by the International Finance Center at Yale School of Management. A total of 24 global network member teams representing 16 countries had participated in the pursuit of obtaining the highest net return from the portfolio they created in the respective country’s stock market. Started from October 31, 2018 the competition lasted for 6-months’ time horizon and our RMBS team’s return on portfolio surpassed the Shanghai Stock Exchange Market Composite by 28.67%.

Our team has been able to leverage the resources provided by our Business School to bring us victory. We are indebted towards our supervisors Barry Gunderson and Professor Meng and Professor Gang Xiao whose Investment course I had taken in spring of 2018 helped us build the initial framework. The advices and skills imparted by them have been very valuable not only for winning this competition but also for making the effective investment decisions in future.

Our team was able to achieve a synergistic result as all members provided complementary skills through their expertise on finance, economics, statistics and strategic management. We realized that on one hand, the stock market is directly impacted by geopolitical events such as trade wars, while on the other hand fundamentals analysis provides the basis in making accurate forecast and getting the best return from the portfolio. The competition in turn helped us to realize the importance of static investment decision in order to get the maximum return over time. Above all, the congruency between our team members in terms of cooperation, communication and hard work made us win this grand competition.

The GNAM Investment Competition happens annually open for participation to all 30 GNAM member schools. This is indeed a great milestone to Business School of Renmin University of China and our IMBA team feels honored to be part of it. We extend our deepest gratitude to RMBS and GNAM for providing a real-world stock market competition like this to apply the learnings from class which will definitely help us excel in future career.


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