To build a closer linkage between MBA education and the real business world, the MBA Center in RMBS has officially introduced, relying on RMBS’s abundant alumni resources and its well-maintained relationships with numerous famous enterprises, the MBA Business Mentor Project (MBM).

A MBM usually lasts for one year and is for both first and second year MBA students. In the MBM project, MBA students stay in close touch with their business mentors via a variety of means, such as emails, online chatting, telephone conversation, or face-to-face talk. By doing so, business mentors provide guidance to MBA students in terms of career development, practice competence, social networking, as well as build up a good personal relationship with these students.

The MBM project has been successfully hosted in RMBS for four times and more than 300 business mentors from various state-own, private, foreign-invested, or jointly-invested enterprises, government departments, public institutions, and non-government organizations have participated.

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Download the MBM Brochure here.

For further information, please contact Saijuan Liao.

Some of the participating organizations of the MBM Project
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