Alumni Testimonials

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  • Daniel Feng, China RMBS IMBA '16

    “My suggestion for future IMBA students at RMBS is “Please be well prepared!” It is never just an escape from a previously intensive job. Heavy workloads and high expectations throughout the two-year program bring a lot of pressure. I am grateful that all the efforts I have made helped me build a solid and systematic foundation of business knowledge from experienced professors and an excellent alumni network. Since RMBS is also an important member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, I was able to ...”

  • Ming Yang, China RMBS IMBA '15

    “My 2 years in the IMBA program at RMBS gave me an opportunity to expand my horizon and fulfill my career goals by acquiring academic knowledge and logical thinking skills. It was also my honor to share that wonderful period of time with my classmates and witness their growth. We will always be family even though we are scattered around the world.”

  • Yang Zou, China RMBS IMBA '14

    “To me, an IMBA program is a chance for you to do your best. The wonderful experience at RMBS not only provided me with the knowledge needed in my future career but also the ability to handle business problems systematically and leisurely.”

  • Patricia Dias, Australia RMBS IMBA '13

    “I began the IMBA program not knowing what to expect, yet I feel at the end of the two year degree that I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge not only in skill but also in cultural understanding and cross-cultural management. The program’s global classrooms and professors combined with the expertise of local Chinese professors provided me with a valuable learning experience that is rare to find in many programs.”

  • Lester de Guzman, Canada RMBS IMBA '12

    “The International MBA program equipped me with the necessary knowledge and experience to fulfill my professional career in international trade. The program combines established theories, international business practices and management styles of China. I also had the opportunity to study in Lille, France as an exchange student, and the experience helped me pave the way for a more detailed exploration of the different economies.”


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