Global Network Week

March 13-17, 2017


Dear MBA Students and Alumni,

It’s time to sign up for Global Network Week March 2017! Global Network Week is a part of the networking and international learning aspect of the Global Network for Advanced Management. Students will be able to participate in a week long program at one of the hosting schools where you can listen to lectures from top professors and visit local companies. The opportunity is a wonderful experience to learn about the business structures and cultures of another country.

Please read the following information carefully.

The participating schools for March 2017 are:

   1. Asian Institute of Management (Manila, Philippines)

   2. EGADE Business School (Santa Fe, Mexico)

   3. FGV-EAESP (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

   4. Hitotsubashi ICS (Tokyo, Japan)

   5. HKUST (Hong Kong, China)

   6. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (Bangalore, India)

   7. Koc University (Istanbul, Turkey)

   8. Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile School of Business (Santiago, Chile)

   9. Renmin University of China School of Business (Beijing, China)

   10. Sauder School of Business UBC (Vancouver, Canada)

   11. Seoul National University GSB (Seoul, Korea)

   12. Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)

   13. Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Economics (Jakarta, Indonesia)

   14. University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (Cape Town, South Africa)

   15. University of Ghana Business School (Accra, Ghana)

   16. Yale SOM (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

Program themes and details can be viewed here:


   1. RBS MBA Student or Alumni (current 1st year students will be considered first for popular destinations with limited spots)

   2. Must have good English skills along with relevant business knowledge (interview required)

   3. Each group of outgoing students needs to write 1 Chinese and 1 English article, along with high-quality photos, on their experiences during the week within 2 days of returning from the trip (even better if you can finish before then). For example, if 5 RBS students went to Yale then they can designate 1 person to write a Chinese and 1 person to write an English article for the group.


Selected RBS MBA Students and Alumni:

1. Shall obey the arrangements and rules of the host schools.

2. Shall attend every activity on time according to the schedule of the program.

3. Must be responsible for individual safety when abroad.

4. Must ensure private activities do not interfere with program schedule.

5. Cannot engage in private travels and activities after GNW ends.

6. Must return to RBS right after GNW ends.

7. Must sign a safety commitment letter before trip.

8. Must represent RBS professionally by dressing and speaking in a professional manner.

      a) Business or formal attire when necessary

9. Shall apply for approval of the university at least 1 month before the trip via School of Business, University Student Affairs Office, Graduate School and University International  Student Office

Selected Part-time Students

   1. Also need approval from employer.

Sign up Directions:

   1. Fill out application form following the format inside.

   2. Email completed form to by November 4, 2016 (Friday), 5:00 pm or 17:00.

   3. Late applications will not be accepted.

   4. Once application is received, you will receive a simple automatic confirmation email. All communications from that point on will be via email to the account you provided in your application form. If you did not receive the confirmation email, please call to confirm.

   5. Interviews will be scheduled accordingly. Please wait patiently and remember to check your email.

Contact Person: Lysa Wang/王欣璇,62514665

Student Fees:

   1. Responsible for all travel expenses, such as round-trip plane tickets, visa fees, insurance fees, administration fees, etc.

   2. Responsible for all living expenses, such as accommodation, food, shopping, etc.

   3. Responsible for all other expenses that could be incurred while on the trip.

   4. RBS is not responsible for any expenses.

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