Spotlight on IMBA's Options & Futures Course

Instructed by Professor Yin Chengxin


Futures and options are two of the most basic concepts for future practitioners in the financial market. This course serves as a bridge between academic study and real-life practices. Prof. Yin, lecturer of the course, with exhaustive knowledge of this subject, makes the learning process rewarding and attractive. Former students all find the course well-structured, clearly and vividly elaborated.

The course is structured in a well-organized way, including the basic elaboration of various categories of options as well as dexterous trading strategies. Therefore, students registering the course have great opportunities to grasp the whole picture of derivative theories and applications.

China is an emerging economy which relentlessly learns from global pioneers while incorporating national features. Consequently, lecturer with both overseas and domestic experience in finance would be the most suitable helper for finance students. The course lecturer, Prof. Yin, PhD in Finance graduated from Purdue University, has three-year teaching experiences in Renmin University of China. His efforts to the course is acknowledged among former students and regarded as great teacher and easy-going friend.

Prof.Yin makes every class a lively and equal discussion between lecturer and students. Instead of didactic and condescending, the teaching methods in class is quite friendly. To fully understand the concepts, valuations and applications of derivatives, the least students need is sermonizing from the lecturer. The majority of the former students mentioned the interesting, humorous yet educational conversations going on in classes.

To make the course versatile, the professor would invite students who have working experience in derivative markets to speak about their trading experiences and their thoughts on the market updates and development. For instance, in the lecture on futures, a student who works as commodity future trader in a copper producer firm was invited to give a talk about hedging practice of copper producers and tricks in copper future trading. Through his talk, other students can get a sense of how firms use futures to conduct their hedging strategy and how futures trading is completed in practice. The student’s talk is a perfect complement to professors’ lecture, through which textbook knowledge is combined with real life practice. These kinds of interactions are widely applied as effective learning methods among top universities around the world.

Whether for beginners who would like to catch a glimpse of the finance would, or for motivated learners who have former experience in finance, this course is considered the best choice fo

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