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A Global Experience Right at Home

We started our Global Network week journey at Renmin University on the 13th Mar, 2017. As the hosts here, we participated in lectures and company visits about from “Made in China” to “Invented in China” with 41 students from all around the world, which was an unforgettable and wonderful experience.

Students from 11 schools gather here for Global Network Week at RBS

I find that the most interesting part of GNW at Renmin is company visit. Though a Chinese, I have never visited Baidu or JD, probably because these two companies are located a bit far away from downtown Beijing. Thus, it was a great opportunity for me to visit the pioneers as well as benchmarks of Chinese innovation companies and to learn more about Chinese innovations.

From the Baidu visit, we were astonished by man-machine interaction that Baidu had researched and developed. It would definitely transform the way we use mobiles in the future. We also tried out some of the high-tech products invented by Baidu, including smart search etc. Most of the students were extraordinarily surprised at how the company could develop such magical technology. Although I had been using Baidu Search almost every day, I had never explored such wonderful functions until I learnt them from company visit.

(Left to right) Touring Baidu's exhibit hall and listening to a talk on their newest technology, Duer OS

From JD visit, we learnt that JD is now the second largest B2C E-commerce platform in China only after Tmall and is growing at more than twice the industry growth rate. JD guarantees product quality & authenticity by implementing a strict zero-tolerance policy toward counterfeit goods. It also adopts innovative technology to power smart logistics, including smart supply chain, data-based operations and automated operations. The efficiency can be reached to the extent that if one orders a product in the morning, he will receive his package in the afternoon. No wonder an increasing number of people will purchase products on its platform on a weekly basis and even daily basis.

(Left to right) Great introduction to JD and a Drone that will be used to deliver packages in the future.

Not only myself, but also foreign friends from other GNAM schools were extremely interested in the innovations made by Chinese blue-chip companies. After company visit, my sense of pride for Chinese innovations and development becomes stronger.

-Glenda Gu & Luke Wang (RBS MBA Class of 2018)

A precious experience on GNAM Global Network Week in Renmin University

As an international student, I chose to stay at Renmin for GNW because I wanted to learn more about business in China, but over the week I ended up learning more about international business than I ever expected to. We were lucky to have students from a rich mix of countries, including Israel, India, Mexico, Canada, Japan, and several more. From the Israeli students, I learned about the advanced technology industry of Israel and the stark cultural contrast between the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In our lectures, I got a taste of the curriculum at UBC and Yale as my global classmates asked insightful questions based on their previous learnings. Spending time with my Latin American classmates after class, I even practiced listening to and speaking Spanish! I went into the week expecting to learn more about China from the inside out, but my biggest takeaway from the week was to gain a much better understanding of what business leaders around the world think and know about China. As someone who plans to have a career in international business tied to China, this information is invaluable to me so thanks to everyone for a great Global Network Week at Renmin!

-Jack Lauroesch (RBS IMBA Class of 2018)

I knew that Global Network Week in Renmin University would be so great. Even when I experienced it, it was beyond my expectation. This is my first Global Network Week, and I want to share several precious moments that I had from it. On the first day, I met a lot of new friends. They were coming from US, Israel, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and India. They all were so nice. Even though the program was finished, our relationship still exist until right now. We learned together about China’s real estate and law development history on that first day. I would not know those interesting history if I did not attend the program. On the second day, I learned about which direction were China’s IT companies going to. I found it so interesting. In the afternoon, we visited AT&M Company. It is a metallic materials and products manufacturer that has the highest market share in the world! Moreover, they don’t have any real competitor who would threaten them. On the third day, I learned about how can China’s IT companies grow so fast and how can many of them become huge and famous companies. I also visited Baidu office on that day. I felt so lucky that I had the chance to experience futuristic technologies in Baidu’s office building. There are still a lot of precious experiences that I could not mention them all here, such as doing a company visit to JD, the largest B2C E-commerce company in China. I just wish I would have a chance to participate in Global Network Week again next year.

-Richard Henokh (RBS IMBA Class of 2018)

Thanks for this chance to attend the GNW at RUC. Through communication with people who have different educational background, I have been improved and enhanced. One of all, this is the first time for me to communicate with foreigners in English. It is one of my most valuable experiences and reflect that the most correct choice for RUC Business School. By courses with different themes and visiting different types of companies, my vision has been expanded and enriched. Secondly, by communication with classmates from different countries and industries. My way of thinking has been inspired and touched my heart. For example, if you drunk in China, you—the people would be punished but other monitors for you in follow days. When you drunk in Vancouver Canada, not you—the driver but the car would be held by polices, and they have other controls and monitoring ways for you. By this, I think that different ways of thinking, the effect wouldn’t same, more important, we haven’t control and monitoring means for serving the goal. Lastly, the globalization promotes cooperating with each other in various fields and cross-border. So we must open mind, expand vision and learn.

-Xiongjun Zhou (RBS MBA P Class of 2018)

It’s a great honor to have this opportunity to attend RBS GNW in RUC, I really learnt a lot during the week. Although I am a local student, the GNW refreshed my impression about the innovation and development of China from a brand-new perspective. We accustomed to buy stuff online and enjoy the convenience with the current e-commerce, but during the introductions of professors and experts, we understand these need to base on solid and good infrastructural facilities, enough financial investment and strong policy implementation, which is inseparable with the nation’s development and improvement. From the discussion and communication with abroad exchange students, they have more in-depth and comprehensive understanding on many aspects including Internet, manufacturing, business model, intellectual property protection and so on, we also learnt the difference and insufficient of development model between China and other developed countries, which expanding our thoughts and ideas about “Invented in China”. The company visit was also very impressive and we felt that technology plays a leading and important role in enterprises’ development and innovation. From the company visit, we saw the product using the most cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, big-data, and latest drone technic. These made us firmly believe that the industry chain in China will upgrade and realize the “Invented in China” in the future.

-Vincent Han (RBS MBA P Class of 2017)


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