Valuable Time with Lovely Professors in IMBA Program

  • Julie Wang & Daniel Zhao IMBA Class of 2021
  • 2019-12-25

For all fresh IMBAers, the first semester in RMBS must be surprisingly memorable, because of the tight class schedule, infinite presentations and tough exams. The sudden role change after years of working seems not easy. But sweet are the fruits of labor. And fruits are from a group of people who have tried to impart us professional knowledge in easy ways, stimulate us to explore learning potentials, and provide us a variety of opportunities to brainstorm. While being ready to start the winter vacation, new IMBAers also cannot wait to share their thanks to beloved professors.

Organizational Behavior (Prof. Frank Wang)

The organizational behavior course is not only enriching, but also delighting. We genuinely mean when we say that it was a true delight. We appreciated Professor Wang for delivering us the great course. It provides great insights into self-evaluation and discovering, teamwork, motivation, and leadership by presenting a number of theories, role-plays, and enlightening cases.

“Know themselves then you will know the gods”, after taking 8 incredibly thought-provoking and inspirational sessions, for some reasons, the words from the Delphi engraving keeps resonating in my head. To navigate through today’s VUCA business world, the call for leader who truly understands people is getting louder and louder. Today’s leaders should know how to work with people, how to motivate and align their goals, how to disperse “positive energy” and most importantly, how to set the right direction for others to follow. Professor Wang truly inspired me to learn all the topics I need.”

——Richard Li

“Frank in my eyes-Passion, Patience, Preparation

Passion- Passion is infectious and it can inspire deeper knowledge.

During the OB class, Frank expanded discussion with vivid examples, amusing illustrative anecdotes (even his own story), and psychological tests that hit the spot. With his passion, every lesson was enriched, and every student has been inspired.

Patience- I believe that a good teacher also happens to be an excellent listener. Frank would actively, carefully, empathetically listen to what we wanted to say and tried his best to provide equal opportunity for every student to express their own thoughts and share their stories.

Preparation-Frank has well-prepared lesson plans, lectures, and assignments, which can easily arouse our interest in "next part" all the time.”

——Miranda Yuan

“Professor Wang creates active class atmosphere in all the lectures and treasures opinions from the students. Everybody is free to share opinions or make comments and even challenge. He also encourages more communications and mutual learning between Chinese students and foreign students. For the course homework, Professor Wang guides us to establish small teams and conduct field study in real companies. And by actual practice, we have better understood the theories in class. Though the course is as short as only one semester, all of us are greatly inspired by Professor Wang and all the gains are beneficial for the whole life.”

——Daniel Zhao

Corporate Finance(Prof. Steven Wang)

Corporate finance, a very valuable subject, provides contents including basic financial analysis, investment analysis, company value measurement, financing cost structure, etc. Our classmates have benefited tremendously from it, and some feedbacks are as follows:

Corporate Finance is a meaningful class to anyone who wants to learn fundamental models of stock and bond market. Such class normally will terrify a lot people because of the complicated mathematical formulas. However, I find Steven’s class is not intimidating at all but to be filled with knowledge and fun at the same time. He seasoned the confusing valuation models with his rich life experience including learning and working experience in Canada and Hongkong, and a little bit unique Steven-Style humor. He magically managed to make the knowledge easy to digest and successfully transformed the boring content into happy and meaningful lectures.”

                                                   ——Arthur Wang

“Starting university, in a way, was different to what I expected. I love my program, the Renmin and Beijing as a city. The first week was tough but when lectures started, and I had a routine, everything fell into place. Living away became much less daunting and school became something that I was looking forward to experiencing again.

Corporate finance course, the roller coaster ride! I am grateful to professor Wang for sharing his experience, expertise and wisdom in the hardest class I’ve had to date, yet one of my favorites. You challenged us to reach higher and further than we thought we could, while at the same time offering grace, kindness and compassion. There was never a dull moment and you kept us on our toes. You are an outstanding professor and an excellent storyteller!”


“Since I came into contact with GNAM investment competition, I have been full of curiosity and yearning for corporate finance and financial models. Thank you for taking us into a new world where we have the opportunity to understand finance and apply that knowledge to solve the problems of life. I think this is just the beginning, because of your course, I fell in love with finance, and I believe that I will have more stories with finance in the future. All in all, I really appreciated your wonderful teaching and sharing this semester. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.”

Managerial Management (Prof. Ziliang Deng)

Thanks Professor Deng for our managerial economic course. I think this course is one of the most popular courses. Professor Deng has broad knowledge, handsome appearance and good memory, also sometimes cool humors. All classmates like and appreciate him very much.

Management economics is the combination of management and economy. It is about not only the economic theories, but also how to solve practical problems. Professor Deng made the knowledge easy to understand from the simple to the deep, and also gave us rich vivid cases in the real life, including international and native cases. This course has made us open the window of economics, empowered us to see the world in an economic way and led us to think deeper and further. Life will be much easier with such an economic mind. It is a valuable and organized course. Thanks Professor Deng very much.

——Evelyn Lu


Ziliang Deng is business-oriented professor, with tremendous teaching skills and always committed and determined in the class. He makes the lessons interesting with the economic analytical tools for prepare managers with international growth potential. It is often said that Managerial Economics is hard but the professor’s approach and thoughtful explanation made it exciting and enjoyable. Behind the economic theories of the demand, cost analysis, market structures and theory games he led us to be curious trying to figure out and explain real world cases from different sources (Financial Time, China Daily, Official government websites) giving us the opportunity to interact and discuss about the topics.

Thank you professor Deng, after the course we have a different perspective on business because what we have learned is a powerful tool for making decisions. Based in your experience and research studies you encourage us to be great professionals as you are. May you continue with the excellent and outstanding work you're doing. All the IMBA 19 students say you thank you again.



We really appreciate the whole impressive learning time the teachers brought to us and we did feel surrounded by experts who know Chinese management best. ️Thank you again to all teachers from the bottom of all our hearts!