How To Get Accepted Into An MBA In China


International students must formally register by the time specified on the Admissions Notice that they will receive around June/July. Students who are unable to register on time must notify the International Students Office (Tel: 86-10-62511588, 86-10-62512698, as well as the IMBA Office (Ms. Wang Cui (Margaret)) in order to obtain permission to register at a later time.

Those who fail to register without prior notification will be considered as voluntarily giving up their rights of enrollment.

Date:  TBA on Official Admissions Notice

Location: - International Students Office (Room 108, International Culture Exchange Center)

 - IMBA Office (Room 614, Business School)

Registration Procedures at International Students Office

- Present the Admissions Notice and obtain the Registration Form

- Submit insurance certificate (more details of purchasing insurance will be provided upon your arrival)

- Show proof of tuition payment OR Self-supported students pay the tuition fee OR Scholarship students sign in

- Visa affairs

- Apply for a student campus card

- Check into your dorm

- Register in the Business School

A pamphlet from ISO and Guidebook from the IMBA Office with detailed information on registration procedures will be mailed to accepted students along with Admissions Package.

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