A Glimpse of Studying IMBA at RMBS

  • Elena Dong & Julie Wang, IMBA Class of 2021
  • 2019-12-25

It has been nearly four months since we enrolled in the IMBA program and we have experienced an intensive schedule including assignments, mid-term examinations, quizzes, presentations, group projects, etc.

Mid-term examinations

In order to improve learning efficiency and achieve better results, IMBAers spontaneously formed learning groups. Some students volunteered to be lecturers in Corporate Finance, Financial Accounting and Management Economics courses, helping others sort out the knowledge points and answer questions, which was highly recognized by the students and helped themselves improve their learning meanwhile.

Group Projects & Presentations

Apart from the examinations, students were divided into several teams in each course to complete the group project together and present it in class. The course Global Management is about company analysis, Behavioral Finance is about various bubbles, and the International Entrepreneurship focuses on business plan. In every project, students brainstormed and actively expressed their opinions in English, which was great improvement not only for professional knowledge, but also for their English ability. Through group projects, students greatly enhanced their communication ability, cooperation ability and leadership.


Heavy as the pressure is, students cherish the learning time with everyone; let’s see what they said about the IMBA study experience.

What did students say?

Li Yang

It’s hard to imagine that a class of students who study that hard are MBAers. Wish us all good examination results!


One of classmates who attended my accounting training class asked me to guess how many points she got in the test. She was very happy and said that she got more than 90 points. In fact, she got 95 points in the test and was surprised. She was a little nervous before the test. She expressed her thanks to me and said that she would not have done so well if she had not taken my class. It's not all my credit, of course, but I'm also very happy because that's what I want to see. Before the class, I saw that many students felt embarrassed about accounting and were eager for knowledge. I felt this, so I established an accounting study group and made use of my professional expertise to contribute my own strength to the students. In fact, in this process, I also grew a lot. Both the management practice teacher and the managerial economics teacher said that teaching others is also a part of learning. It's a good way, and I quite agree with that.


After all the preparations for the exams, sleepless nights and pile of workloads, one thing I have noticed is the support provided by my classmates. It was a nerve-cracking week, but I am grateful to the people who exerted effort to initiate the review and alotted time to share their knowledge to help others better understand different concepts.


I am so lucky to experience 2 great teamworks during the lessons, one is with you, another is with your soul.


Even though the class content can be overwhelming for students with no economic and financial background like myself,the review sessions organized by some classmates really helped a lot. I feel so moved by their professional interpretation and selfless devotion. It’s truly a bless to be surrounded by great minds.


The four months witnessed my mental changes from self-doubt at the beginning to self-encouragement at present. It originates from self-adjustment on the one hand and motivation from classmates on the other hand. Every time I saw those excellent students who manifested careful and hardworking attitude towards study, I felt inspired. Cherish every time with such interesting souls and it will be an unforgettable experience at RMBS.


It has only been four months since the start of the MBA program, but it feels like half a year's work has been completed.

The intensity of full-time courses and activities is quite strong, and what strikes me most is the good learning atmosphere created by the students: division of work and cooperation within teams, regular "small stoves" from learning masters, etc.

I really enjoyed the hard but fruitful work with excellent people.

I hope that teachers can SHOW SOME MERCY and do not increase the difficulty of final exams any more~


After nearly four months of learning, what surprises me most is the learning group mode and the excellence of my classmates. Communicating with excellent people makes me not only learn knowledge, but also learn to communicate with people and work together. I think it will be very helpful for my future career.


There is not a single second in the whole day that I feel I can waste with ease. There are simply so many things to learn, so many tasks to do - studying for the Corporate Finance mid-term this week then to finish the report on Organizational Behavior next week, rehearsing for the Behavioral Finance presentation today then to help each other go over Financial Accounting principles tomorrow.

I am pushed by the pressure from various deadlines and pulled by all of our teachers to strives for the "higher ground". Everyday is a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. It is a good thing. It keeps the soul vigilant. IMBA is not a final destination but one of the ways through which we can reach our destination.

I constantly remind myself that it is the way I choose and I choose to follow through. Hopefully after this two years, I will be better prepared to take on the challenge that is the life itself.