Online March Global Network Week 2021 Sign-up Notification


Dear MBA Students and Alumni,

A few months ago, we had very much hoped that the March 2021 Global Network Week (GNW) would be in-person again but we now have confirmation that the March 2021 GNW, because of the ongoing pandemic, will take place online. The online GNWs, arranged in a diverse way including synchronous and asynchrounous lectures with the lecturers from academia as well as the industries, and group discussions, etc. This is an excellent opportunity for you to participate in a week-long program at one of the hosting schools making new friends, learning the new knowledge and understanding different cultural contexts.

Please read the March GNW 2021 Sign-up Notification carefully and fill in the March GNW 2021 Application Form

Kind reminders: 

1.  Class Monitor of each class email ONE completed form (Monitor Name_Class_2021 GNW) to by November 15,  2020 (Sunday), 11:30 am. Alumni can send the completed form to the above email directly.

2.  Late applications will not be accepted.

3.  All communications will be via email to the current account you provided in your application form. If you did not receive the confirmation email, please call to confirm or check if there is any email address typo.

4.  Interviews will be scheduled accordingly. Please wait patiently and remember to check your email.

Contact Person: Ms. Wang Cui (Margaret), 86-10-62514665