Global Network Stock Trading Competition



We are happy to share with you all the Yale SOM First Annual Global Network Stock Trading Competition held virtually this February 2021. The Yale School of Management Stock Trading Game  is an educational tool intended to provide a fun, quick, and effective introduction to the concepts and mechanics of capital markets and stock trades. Designed by Roger Ibbotson, Emeritus Professor of the Practice of Finance at Yale School of Management, the game has become a beloved tradition among Yale SOM’s 1st-year EMBA students. The Stock Trading Game is intended for use in a classroom setting with individuals of all levels of experience.

The goal of bringing the game to the Global Network is to provide participating students with an opportunity to compete and connect with students across the Network all while practicing their trading skills at any level. It will create friendly competition amongst students and a fun way to come together annually. Yale plans to host games regionally the first week of February 2021, and then the regional winners will compete in a final game during the third week of February 2021. The game works best when there are 20-100 players, so once I gather the sign-up information about how many students are participating, I will reach out to Yale and they can organize the first round of games based off of region. 

Renmin will assign a coordinator to act as the administrator. The games take about 25 minutes and are all done virtually. Yale SOM will also be of support during each game. We suggest that you present this idea to the Finance faculty who are teaching relevant courses in hopes that you can promote the game to as many fellow classmates as possible and have the Finance faculty help with any questions related to logistics of trading for beginner students. The ultimate prize for the students participating in the final game is that Roger Ibbotson will attend virtually to debrief the game and chat with the group. The game winner will receive a signed certificate from GNAM and Professor Ibbotson. The final winner will be for sure announced on the GNAM website and across social media. All students are allowed to participate no matter how much or little knowledge of trading they have.

The IMBA office will follow up in early January with more detailed information about how students can register, and the instructions for playing the game. In advance, please READ THROUGH the website for all information as well as watch the videos created by the team at Yale. 

Sign up for the First Annual Global Network Stock Trading Competition by completing the survey by 23 December at 17:00 (Beijing Time).