Fifth Annual Global Network for Advanced Management Investment Competition (2019-2020)



(Sponsored by International Center for Finance at Yale SOM)

The Investment Competition provides an enriching experience analyzing securities and pitching investment ideas while also giving students a chance to gain recognition for themselves and your school.

The Competition consists of two contests: 1) the Security Analysis Contest, and 2) the Portfolio Performance Contest. All teams accepted into the competition are entered into both contests. Both contests have cash prizes of $3,500 for the winner, and $1,500 for the runner-up, but we expect that all teams will benefit from the experience of analyzing stocks and creating a portfolio and seeing the portfolios created by their peers around the world.

Competition Guidelines

1. No more than 2 teams from one school will be admitted into the competition. In the event that more than 2 teams from a school sign up, we will choose 2 teams at random from that school. If there is a high level of interest at your school, you may choose to have an internal competition to choose the top 2 teams to compete in the GNAM competition. (If you do this, please let us know, so that we know which 2 teams from your school can compete.)

2. Each team must have a minimum of one faculty advisor and two students. A single faculty advisor may advise more than one team. Each team is restricted to a maximum of six members who must be current students when the competition starts. (In other words, it is okay for students who will graduate in December 2019, for example, to participate.)

3. Each team will produce five stock investment ideas, all five of which must be publicly traded domestic companies, domiciled, incorporated and traded in the country in which the participating network school is located. The stock must be investible and legal with respect to the regulations of the country of listing. The list of stocks in a team’s portfolio must be submitted along with investment summaries of no more than 250 words for 4 of the stocks and a detailed research report of up to 15 pages for the team’s favorite stock.

4. Detailed rules are attached and available on our website here


RMBS Internal Selection Process

Rules: Only TWO teams will be selected to represent RMBS in the Fifth Annual GNAM Investment Competition; Each team must have at least 2 current students with a maximum of 6 members and a faculty advisor.

Registration Process:

1. Create team and team name

2. Designate a team rep. to email with the following details in an Excel form:

a. Names

b. Student IDs

c. Phone Numbers

d. Email addresses

3. You must sign up before 24:00 on September 26 (Thursday), 2019.

Late applications will not be accepted!

Registered teams will receive further information on the RMBS internal selection process after September 25, 2019. Please start thinking about your team ideas NOW. The upcoming schedule will be extremely tight.

Tentative Competition Timeline 2019

Thursday, Sep. 26: Sign-up deadline at RMBS

Sunday, Oct. 13: Final two teams selected and deadline to team registration

Sunday, Oct. 27: Deadline to final submissions of portfolio of five stocks

Sunday, Nov. 3: Deadline to research report submissions

If you have any questions, feel free to call 62514665.