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Kindly note that names listed below follow the Chinese naming convictions of family name first and given name second for all Chinese names.

  • MBA Program Center
  • Room 611 Mingde Business Building 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing, China 100872
  • Public Email:
  • KUANG Weida

    KUANG Weida

    Director for MBA Programs

    Tel: 010-82500473

  • YUE Nannan

    YUE Nannan

    Executive Director of MBA Programs Centre

    Tel: 010-82509181

  • ZHANG Ying (Cathy)

    ZHANG Ying (Cathy)

    MBA Global Initiatives & IMBA Academic Affairs

    Tel: 010-62515699

  • WANG Cui (Margaret)

    Admissions (International Applicants) & MBA Global Initiatives

    Tel: 010-62514665


  • Qin Bei

    MBA Degrees

    Tel: 010-82509177


  • Wu Xuelian

    MBA Admissions (Chinese Applicants)

    Tel: 010-62510212


  • Guo Wen

    MBA Academic Affairs

    Tel: 010-82509179


  • Liao Saijuan

    MBA Students Development & Alumni Relations

    Tel: 010-62516982


  • Huang Wei

    Sr. Career Counselor (Director of Career Development Center & Alumni Relations)

    Tel: 010-82509140