Life in Beijing

What do you have in your mind about this city? The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Bird’s Nest and the Beijing National Aquatics Center? The Peking Opera and the winding and deep Hutong neighbourhood? Or perhaps the Peking duck? When you actually come here, you will find that Beijing is a lot more than those listed above. Here are some fantastic things you can experience in Beijing:

  • Geographically, this city is made up of 16 communities.
  • As the cultural capital of the country, it is home to a wide range of museums and other cultural institutions such as the National Museum of China, Capital Museum, National Center for the Performing Arts and 798 Arts Center.
  • Apart from its stunning historical past, Beijing is an energetic, cosmopolitan city. Houhai, Sanlitun Village are among the most popular places to enjoy nightlife.
  • It hosts 44 Global Fortune 500 companies as well as more than 100 of China’s largest companies. China’s Silicon Valley, Zhongguancun, borders RUC to the north.
  • Beijing is also a major hub for the national highway, expressway, railway, and high-speed rail networks.

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  • Transportation

    There are multiple ways to and from RUC:
    • Bus – There is the Renmin-daxue station near East Gate and the Renda-ximen and Wan-quan-zhuang station near West Gate.
    • Subway – The Renmin-daxue station on line 4 (exit A1) is near East Gate. Suzhoujie station on line 10 is near West Gate.
    • Taxi – Prices start at 10 RMB and after three kilometers it is 2 RMB /km; an additional 2 RMB will be added for oil tax. When taking a taxi, please remind the driver to turn on the meter and make sure to get a receipt.

    For more detailed travelling routes, students can search online at websites like Beijing Public Transport website:

    Transportation to Campus from the Capital Airport

    The Beijing Capital International Airport is about 40km away from campus. There are several ways to get from the airport to campus.

    The most convenient way to get to RUC from the airport is by taxi. It will cost around 120 RMB. The taxi should enter the campus through the East Gate and drive to the International Culture Exchange Center. It will take approximately one hour. Please keep the taxi receipt for possible inquiry of forgotten belongings in the future.
    Airport Shuttle Bus
    The nearest stop to RUC is the Friendship Hotel stop on shuttle bus Line 4. The East Gate is about a 10-minute walk north from the stop. The airport shuttle fare is 16 RMB /person and it takes approximately one hour to arrive at the stop from the airport. For more details on airport shuttles, please visit:
    The nearest subway station to the East Gate is the Renmindaxue station on line 4. Students can transfer from line 10 to line 4 at Haidianhuangzhuang station. The walk from the Renmin University station to East Gate is about three minutes. Be sure to take exit A1.

    For more information, please download the International Student Guidebook.