• RMBS IMBA & ESCP Europe (Paris) MIM Dual Degree Program

RMBS has established a new dual degree partnership with ESCP Europe (Paris) to provide IMBA students with the opportunity of pursuing the RMBS IMBA & ESCP Europe (Paris) MIM dual degrees. Full-time MBA Students spend the first year at RMBS and second year at ESCP. The pre-selection of the students will be finalized in June before enrollment at the Year 1 and in order to obtain the award of the ESCP Europe degree, RMBS students must be registered for both years of the two-year master program.

The Paris Campus / République is conveniently located in the centre of the city, in the 11th arrondissement. It is the largest of the ESCP campuses and hosts the greatest number of faculty and students. The building is classified as a historical monument. With extensive campus facilities and over fifty active student clubs and associations, a strong sense of school spirit and community prevails. The new Montparnasse site reinforces the strategic presence of ESCP Europe in the heart of Paris and allows ESCP Europe to pursue its strategy of development and excellence. These new premises of the School have modern infrastructures and are fully equipped to offer students and executive education participants the best experience.

  • Curriculum

    Dual Degree students (DDSs) spend the first year at Renmin and the second year at ESCP Europe. For dual degree students specifically, after completing the Fall semester on the Paris campus, are able to apply for the Spring Semester for a specialization and one of ESCP’s campuses in Paris, Madrid, Turin, London or Berlin. Depending on their previous studies and the courses validated at the home institutions, DDSs might need to enroll in pre-requisite and M1 core courses during their year at ESCP Europe.


    Compulsory prerequisite courses for students who have NOT previously studied management. These courses must be validated prior to being admitted into the 2-year MIM program:

    · Financial Accounting;

    · Corporate Law;

    · Costing and Decision Making;

    · Economics;

    · Fundamentals of Finance;

    · Information Tools and Skills for Business;

    · Principles of Marketing;

    · Psychology and Management;

    · Quantitative Methods


    Master Year 1: 300 hours (50 ECTS) of core management courses (detailed syllabi are provided on the Intranet)

    · Corporate Finance (FM03 – 30h)

    · Economics for Managers (EM02 – 30h)

    · European Business Law and Taxation (DM02 – 30h)

    · Financial Reporting under IFRS (CM01 – 30h)

    · Human Resource Management (HM01 – 30h)

    · International Marketing Decisions (MM06 – 30h)

    · Management Control (AF01 – 30h)

    · Operations Management (RM01 – 30h)

    · Organisation and Management (OM01 – 30h)

    · Strategy (PF00 – 30h)

    Website: https://www.escpeurope.eu/fr/node/7

  • Program Cost

    Tuitions: RMBS tuition + ESCP 2-year Registration Fee (Please refer to the table below for Single Student Budget AY2023-24)

    Registration Fee Pre-requisite Courses Fee Estimated Living Expenses
    € 900 €1,100 - €2,050 €1,300/month


    1) Pre-requisite courses fees: A supplement of €1,100 to €2,050 for catch-up courses will be due for those students without previous management studies.

    2) Cost of living (accommodation, meals, transport, leisure and other: €1,260/month

  • Application

    Students are pre-selected by RMBS (Student type: Pre-admitted RMBS IMBA students)

    1. Bachelor degree certificate

    2. Undergraduate English transcript (with clear grading system)

    3. IELTS 6.5/ MBA Entrance English Exam 82

    4. English CV (one-page)

    5. Personal Statement (one-page)

    Please email the above documents in PDF format to imba@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn for pre-selection.

    RMBS Students Application Timeline (subject to minor changes)

    Pre-selection & Nomination (RMBS): Early October
    Online Application & Interview: November (two weeks)
    Confirmation & Registration Fee: Early December
    2nd Year Course Registration: May
    2nd Year Registration Fee & Enrollment: Early September

    For more information, please contact imba@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn or 010-62514665 .