The Business School (RMBS) is one of the 26 schools of Renmin University of China (RUC). It grew out of the Department of Factory Management, the Department of Trade Economics and the Program of Finance and Accounting. These three departments were established in 1950 and were the first business administration programs in China. In line with the University’s mission of producing “model citizens and backbones of the society” and vision of becoming a world-class university that produces cutting-edge research and cultivates future leaders, RMBS is committed to its own vision of becoming “a world class business school as the expert in Chinese management” (“Expert in Chinese management” in short). Over its more than 60 years of history, RMBS has developed many high impact management theories, produced some of the most popular textbooks and case studies in China, cultivated tens of thousands of managerial professionals for Chinese business, provided important input to government policy-making, and trained a great deal of faculty for hundreds of universities.

RMBS has seven departments: Accounting, Finance, General Management, Marketing, Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, and Trade Economics. The School has more than 140 full-time faculty members with specializations in all major disciplines, including both cutting-edge researchers and effective instructors.

The School’s Business Administration program is designated by the Ministry of Education as a Level I National Key Subject and is therefore eligible for government support. Only four other programs in China have the same recognition. RMBS’ Business Administration discipline was rated A+ (the highest ranking, only four in China) by the Ministry of Education in the latest round national evaluations in 2017. RMBS has 2 PhD programs in 7 disciplines, 5 professional master programs and 2 undergraduate programs in 6 disciplines, covering all areas of business administration education.

Internationalization is one of the strategic priorities of RMBS, as reflected in its updated mission “to contribute Chinese management wisdom and global leadership talents to the world”. The mission underpins the School’s commitment to making unique contributions to global management education and clearly sets the tone and direction for the School in terms of improving international visibility, enhancing international collaboration and developing global mind-set. In recent years, RMBS has effectively enhanced its international branding and visibility: the number of faculty with doctorates from prominent overseas universities, publications in high quality international journals and the number of programs and courses delivered in English have increased significantly. The School has established partnerships with more than 90 universities and schools around the world and has been active in prominent associations such as the EFMD, the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), and the Societal Impact and Global Management Alliance (SIGMA). Furthermore, the MBA, EMBA, and EE programs have all been ranked as the global top 50 by the Financial Times during the past years.

Overall, the School’s positioning as one of the leading business schools in China and increasing visibility in the international context are significant indicators of RMBS’ strength in management education in China and beyond.