Part-Time Chinese FinTech MBA Program

With the rising of FinTech in China and around the world, the new FinTech program was launched to meet the growing demand of FinTech professionals. It is the first MBA program specialized in FinTech in China. Our FinTech MBA program is a 2-years long part-time program and mainly recruits Chinese students.

The FinTech program has a unique cross-disciplinary curriculum, integrating courses in finance, law, information technology, and management. Courses are co-delivered by both academics and practitioners to facilitate interaction between theory and practice. About 20 of RMBS' most qualified faculty members undertake about 80 percent of the teaching load of the FinTech MBA program. The remaining twenty percent of courses are taught by accomplished members of other faculties and schools of RUC. The program also provides abundant internship, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities for high-caliber graduates.

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