Clubs & Activities

Here at RMBS, we provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, in which you can put your professional knowledge into practice to serve the community and network while enjoying an athletic activity with other RUCers!

There will be a Club Fair during Orientation of each academic year where these clubs will be recruiting new members and you can get to know each one before making the right match for yourself.

Below are just a few notable student organizations currently active at RMBS.

For further information, please contact Ms. Liao Saijuan.

  • 8+ Specialized Student Organizations

    Publicity & Social Media Team
    We record with our pens, cameras, and hearts, every story occurring around our fellow MBA students. It is our duty and mission to build and promote the MBA programs at RMBS as a top MBA brand.
    MBA Alumni Volunteers
    Under the mission to “Serve alumni, serve RMBS, and serve RUC”, the MBA Alumni Volunteers is a team made up of current RMBS MBA students and aims to provide volunteer assistance to the RMBS MBA Center in all alumni-related jobs.
    Financial Club
    The aim of the RMBS Financial Club is to serve MBA students and create a networking environment for all MBA students determined to pursue a finance-related career after graduation.
    The Finance & Risk Management Club (FRMC) offers training and activities related to risk management, risk control on project sponsorships, and true financial conditions and operating performances in real-life companies. We welcome to join us!
    Venture Capital Investment Club
    Our slogan is “openness, sharing, cooperation and mutual aid”. We help all our members to obtain needed sources for start-ups, social capital expansions and career development to fulfill their dreams.
    Real Estate Club
    We provide you a communication platform with elites from the real estate industry. In our club, you can expand your social network, share information and experiences with other members, as well as win opportunities of long-term cooperation and mutual trust.
    RMBS Marketing Club
    Our goals are to gather future business elites, incubate promising business concepts, produce exciting new ideas, and become the spiritual home for all marketing lovers. Join us and you will stand in the core of the enterprise value chain. Join us, let’s challenge the limits and exceed ourselves!
    Cross-Culture Communication Club
    Relying on the abundant resources in NGAM, the Cross-Culture Communication (CCC) Club aims to build a high-end communication platform for RMBS MBA students with their international peers to enhance cross-culture communication skills, and career-related capabilities.
  • 4+ Recreational and Sports Clubs

    MBA Basketball Club
    Playing a sport makes you strong and persistent; basketball finds you real friends and teammates that last a lifetime. Who’s up for a challenge on the basketball court? We sincerely invite all MBA basketball lovers to join our club and harvest a healthy lifestyle and create lasting friendships.
    Soccer Club
    Let soccer make you stronger and help you expand your social network. Join us and continue RMBS MBA soccer team’s victory streak and powerful reputation amongst other MBA soccer teams from universities in Beijing and Tianjin!
    Xingzhe Hiking & Outdoor Club
    The mission of the Xingzhe Hiking & Outdoor club (XHOC) is “to enrich MBA student life and experience real outdoor hiking”. XHOC aims to help MBA students at RMBS gain a deeper understanding of outdoor hiking and trekking, enhance friendships and team spirit among MBA students and alumni, and promote the development of the MBA programs at RMBS by providing outdoor sports training, and hosting hiking and trekking activities.
    Smallball Sports Time Club
    We call our club Smallball Sports Time and we wish to build up a communication and networking platform for all RMBS MBA students who love badminton and tennis. The mission of our club is to improve the level of these competitive sports and enhance the cohesiveness of MBAers in RMBS.