• RMBS MBA/RSM MSc Double Degree Program

RMBS has established a partnership with Rotterdam School of Management (RSM, Erasmus University, Netherlands) to provide MBA students with a new dual degree opportunity. MBA students will study the first year at RMBS and the second year at RSM. RSM is one of Europe’s largest international business schools and has been triple accredited. Their MSc programs are ranked in the top 10 in Global and European rankings.

  • RSM MSc Programs Breakdown

    • There are 13 MSc programs students can choose from:
      01. Accounting & Financial Management
      02. Business Analytics & Management
      03. Business Information Management
      04. Finance & Investments
      05. Global Business & Sustainability
      06. Human Resource Management
      07. Marketing Management
      08. Management of Innovation
      09. MSc Medical Business & Innovation
      10. Strategic Entrepreneurship
      11. Strategic Management
      12. Supply Chain Management
      13. Master in Management
  • Program Structure (Taking Business Analytics & Management as example)

    • Core courses (32 EC)
      Advanced statistics and programming
      Data management and ethics
      Experimentation and causal inference
      Management science
      Machine learning and learning algorithms
      Economics of digitization and supply chains
      Marketing models
      Principles of financial modelling
      Business analytics workshop
      Job market and negotiation skills
      Electives (12 EC)
      Analysing digital footprints
      Algorithms in control
      Customer analytics
      Fintech: business models and applications
      Network analytics
      Supply chain analytics
      Thesis and internship (16 EC)
      Master thesis and internship
  • Curriculum Business Analytics & Management

  • Program Cost

    RMBS students exempt from 100 Euro application fee (Renmin applicants should contact the RSM office at potila@rsm.nl directly for them to perform the payment-overwrite). Admitted RMBS students receive a 10% tuition discount.

    Tuitions: RMBS tuition + RSM MSc one-year program tuition AY2023-2024 (see below, approx.);

    RSM Tuition Visa Fee Estimated Living Expenses
    19,350 Euros (discounted) 320 Euros 12, 000 Euros
  • Requirements

    1. Must be a RMBS MBA students or alumni
    2. GMAT: Minimum 600
    3. GPA: Minimum 3.0
    4. IELTS or TOEFL: IELTS 7 (minimum of 6.5 on all sub-scores) or TOEFL iBT minimum of 22 on all sub-scores and a minimum overall score of 95.
    5. Bachelor’s or above diploma
  • Application

    Students are pre-selected by RMBS. Pre-selections start at the beginning of November and close at the end of March. Pre-selected students apply for RSM MSc admission through their online application system OLAF. Please provide the following materials (send PDF documents to imba@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn) for pre-selection:

    1. Official GMAT Score (a minimum score of 600 is recommended)

    2. Undergraduate Transcripts (translated to English, 3.0 GPA or 80% Avg.)

    3. IETLS 7.0 or TOEFL 95

    4. RMBS English Transcript

    5. English CV (one-page) & Motivational Letter (one-page)

    To Apply: Please contact imba@rmbs.ruc.edu.cn or 010-62514665 .

    Please download brochure for details regarding each program: 2019-2020 RSM MSc brochure

    Website: www.rsm.nl (English); www.rsmerasmus.com (Chinese)