The IMBA program is a 2 year full-time program. All core courses will be completed in the first year. It is also possible for students to complete all the required credits needed for graduation within the first year so that they can embark on global opportunities in their second year while finding an internship and completing their thesis.

Degree Duration Credits Required Written Work
IMBA 2- year Full-time

Total: at least 40 credits

Core Course Credits: 22

Minimum Elective Credits: 11

General Course Credits: 7

Term papers and degree thesis (at least 30,000- word case study).
IMBA Career Track
- Requires students to complete 4 indicated electives of 8 credits under the track
- An official RMBS Career Track Certificate will be awarded upon graduation
*Subject to changes
  • Semester 1

    Core Courses –(10 Credits)
    Data Modeling and Decision-Making-2
    Organizational Behavior-2
    Corporate Finance-2
    Managerial Economics-2
    General Courses (Mandatory)
    Chinese Language Courses
    Financial Management Track and Other IMBA Electives
    Behavioral Finance
    Private Equity
    Applied Corporate Finance
    Chinese Business Law
    Global Management
    Project Management
  • Semester 2

    Core Courses-(12 Credits)
    Strategic Management-2
    Management Information System-2
    Ethical Leadership-2
    Operations Management-2
    Academic Standards and Thesis Writing -1
    General Courses (Mandatory)
    Chinese History and Culture
    Financial Management Track and Other IMBA Electives
    Business Analytics
    Supply Chain Innovations
    AI and Digital Strategy
    Financial Statement Analysis and Equity Valuation
    Entrepreneurial Finance

Global Network courses (SNOCs) are offered online by GNAM schools during the fall and spring semesters. Students are often notified about them when it is time to apply for each course.

MBA students are granted to transfer 2 credits for one SNOC as an elective. Please login your VRUC account (sign in with your student ID and password) and access to upload required supporting documents for credit transfer application.

For any SNOC credit transfer related questions, please contact Cathy Zhang 010-62515699 (

All IMBA students can also select courses from the Part-time Chinese MBA or FinTech MBA program to audit as long as they demonstrate sufficient Chinese proficiency.

For further information, please contact Ms.Zhang Ying (Cathy).