Part-Time Chinese MBA

In 1990, RMBS was the first institution in China that launched a full-time Chinese MBA program. So far RMBS has trained over 7,000 graduates. Currently, we offer our students 3 very different MBA programs: Full-time International MBA (IMBA), Part-time Chinese MBA; and Part-time FinTech MBA. Since 2019, the full-time Chinese MBA program has been integrated into the IMBA program. By constant improvement and innovation, the education system of the RMBS MBA programs has slowly approached perfection. Our programs have made immeasurable contributions to the MBA education in China.

The Part-time Chinese MBA program is designed for mid-career Chinese managers who prefer to work during week-days and study during weekends. Since 2012, the MBA Center has adopted a pre-review admission system and assessed candidates’ potential prior to the MBA national entrance exam. Applicants who pass the preliminary screening will attend an interview arranged by the School. The candidates who demonstrate strong potential in the interview will get a conditional admission, and are admitted into RMBS once they score over the cutoff score line for Level A universities (usually lower than the regular admission score of RMBS) in the national entrance exam. Also, the School has increased scholarships for applicants passing the pre-review admission. In addition, innovation in teaching has also significantly improved MBA students’ learning effectiveness and satisfaction.

For more information, please refer to Our Programs and the Chinese version of our website or download the MBA brochures.

For admissions information, please contact Ms.Wu Xuelian.