The RMBS MBA Alumni Association has established several clubs based on industries,graduation years and locations. With numerous alumni events, a well-builtonline alumni platform, and mentoring programs, the Alumni Association offers a variety ofopportunities for alumni to expand life-long networks and develop future careers.

The MBA Alumni Association invitesentrepreneurs and professors to give seminars to alumni, expands placement channels for MBA graduates, invitessuccessful alumni to be MBA Business Mentors, and organizes capacity development programs for new MBA students.

Alumni services include:
Planning diverse activities for alumni based on their personal interests, pro­fessional background, or locations
Arranging two Homecoming Days for alumni every year, one in July and one in October
Encouraging life-long study, including collecting and distributing academic information, organizing seminars and forums, and offering guidance for the continuing education of both alumni and their children
Providing career-related services in close collaboration with the CDC, including assisting alumni companies or organizations in their employment processes, conducting career development assessments for alumni, and offering professional transformation advice for alumni