As a student in the IMBA program, you are required to adhere to all our regulations and to familiarize yourself with the rules. We expect our students to behave accordingly and responsibly. Below are a few major regulations of our program. For the full version, please download the International Student Guidebook.

  • Attendance Policies

    Every student at RUC is required to register with the university at the beginning of each academic semester. Students can use their campus card to register by themselves at a Campus Card Terminals located throughout campus from the second semester onwards.

    Students are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials, and laboratory sessions that they have registered for. Class work must be completed adequately and all examinations must be taken. Students who cannot meet the requirements for attendance or class assignments (missing above 1/3) will not be allowed to take the final exam.

    If a student cannot attend classes or cannot complete the given work because of an illness, accident, or life-threatening emergency he/she should submit an official document (such as a doctor’s note) explaining the situation and ask for an approval from the teacher and the IMBA office.

  • Academic Misconduct

    The University and the Business School take plagiarism and cheating extremely serious and investigate all alleged offences of misconduct in assessed work and examinations. Students suspected of such misconduct are dealt with accordingly through the University’s Student Discipline Procedures.

    Plagiarism is a very serious offence in academic works. It is generally accepted that plagiarism occurs when there is no proper acknowledgement given towards the writings or ideas of someone else. Therefore, students must ensure that they acknowledge others’ contributions in the form of citations, quotations, or references.

    Forms of Academic Misconduct during Examinations Includes:
    - The act of bringing unauthorized materials (written, printed, or in any other format) into the examination room;
    - Communicating with, receiving assistance from, copying from or providing assistance to another candidate during an examination;
    - Removing examination papers or worksheets from the examination room
    The occurrence of one of the following situations may lead to dismissal from the university:
    1) Failure in three core courses (once you have failed in two core courses, you will be on academic probation);
    2) Unexcused absences from arranged school activities for two continuous weeks;
    3) Violations, such as academic misconduct, stirring up quarrels and causing troubles, engaging in fights, scolding, abusing, or slandering others or infringing upon the privacy of others, and causing harmful impact, will lead to disciplinary sanctions including dismissal depending on the seriousness of the violation.
  • Grading System & Criteria

    The Grading Criteria of the IMBA program is as follows:

    Score Grade GPA
    90-100 A 4.0
    86-89 A- 3.7
    83-85 B+ 3.3
    80-82 B 3.0
    76-79 B- 2.7
    73-75 C+ 2.3
    70-72 C 2.0
    66-69 C- 1.7
    63-65 D+ 1.3
    60-62 D 1.0
    Pass only P 1.0
    Below 60 or Fail F 0

    1. Receiving a grade of “F” or Fail in a core course will require the student to make up the course in the following academic year when that course is offered again.

    2. Receiving a grade of “F” or Fail in an elective will require the student to either retake the elective in the following year or to make up the credits with another elective course.