A Wonderful journey in Economic Analysis of High Tech Industries

  • Lu Cuili, & Zhang Qian (IMBA Class of 2021), Huang Huiwen (Part-time MBA Class of 2021), Zhang Z
  • 2020-12-14

A number of Renmin MBA students and alumni have participated in the SNOC -Economic Analysis of High Tech Industries- offered by SOM Yale in this fall semester 2020. In this course, students and lecturers from all over the world are discussing economics, industry development and national policies. With the course going on, several participants from Renmin are sharing their Yale SNOC experience as a wonderful study journey.


SNOCs give me a perfect opportunity to join the class in Yale SOM together with students all over the world. In addition to the knowledge of industry organization, such as network economics, two-side market and market power, I have acquired a better understanding of the valuation philosophy and methods directly from Wall Street employees, which is very beneficial for my daily work as a PE investor. We have discussed the latest industry events and market trends at the beginning of every session, including the 5G revolution, “Splinternet”, Snowflake and ANT Finance. It’s great to learn from each other and exchange views on varied topics with talented classmates and professors. For me, an important part of this course is that it gives the world a window to better understand China through the diverse global participants (Chinese students have been well represented) in the class as well as discussions on various China-related topics. Overall, despite the painful and odd time difference, it is a great SNOC experience.

ZHANG Zhe (Alumnus), Class of 2020 (张哲2018MBA P6 


As a professional manager engaged in investment banking service, I applied for the Economic Analysis of High Tech Industries course with great interest in obtaining the ability to analyse and identify the future of industry organization from the perspective of industrial development instead of financial data mining and what the course has brought to me so far has been much more than what I have anticipated. 

One highlight of the class is the deep discussions and insights on leading industry development trends that usually coupled with rapid development and considerable prospects on one hand and risky and controversial points to some extent on the other hand. Video streaming,payment system,eCommerce and ride sharing, all of those have made me to rethink the problem why the international mainstream capital market always seems to have some different ideas or even prejudice against Chinese capital stock and how I could work to improve the situation in 10-20 years. What also the course has touched me is the collision and fusion of the Chinese and Western thought. I come to rethink about my visual field boundary, how to shape a more open and inclusive personality and how to view the future trend of China finance industry from a more objective perspective. Anyway, I strongly and sincerely recommend my fellow MBA classmates to apply for and participate in SNOCs.

 Phoenix Huang, Class of 2021 (黄慧文, 2019级MBA P5)


I have been curious about Yale's courses for a long time. Fortunately, students from Renmin can also have wonderful education experience of Yale through SNOC courses.  Together with teachers and students from world-class business schools, Yale has brought us a new curriculum experience through systematic teaching and thought-provoking discussion.         

In addition to the attractive content of the course, it is also a very good experience to meet talented students from all over the world. The course allows us to switch our perspective from domestic to international. We are very proud to see the world is discussing China, Chinese enterprises such as Alibaba, JD, Bytedance, Tencent, Didi, Meituan and Pinduoduo are always hot topics.

What impresses me most is that the professor invited many distinguished guests including world-famous entrepreneurs and officials to explain cases to us in person, and direct interaction with them makes the course more lively.

I feel grateful and happy to have participated in this Yale SNOC and I strongly recommend you to have a look at this wonderful course.

 April Zhang Class of 2021(张倩 2019IMAB)


From September 1st to December 15th, Yale’s SNOC -Economic Analysis of High Tech Industries accompanies us every Tuesday and Thursday evening this fall semester. This course consists of the knowledge of managerial economics, macroeconomics, industrial economics, platform economy. It is a broad and integrated course.

It’s fascinating to notice that the most discussed topics in the course are Chinese economies and companies. As a project manager at JD.com, I feel that the world has changed far more than I have thought before, and people all over the world are constantly innovating and learning from “Chinese model” and “Chinese business”. Professional and experienced participants in the class are also worthy of note. For example, the team I was assigned to consists of 4 people from different countries, different universities, different industries, studying the video streaming industry in United States together. I have really enjoyed cooperating with them. There is no geographical or time limit in knowledge. I really appreciate this Yale SNOC opportunity provided by GNAM and our Renmin Busienss School platform.

Evelyn Lu Class of 2021 (卢翠丽 2019IMAB)