Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

  • Aneela, IMBA Class of 2021
  • 2020-01-15

Studying abroad is always a challenging and daring undertaking. The major challenges for higher education at a foreign location include the cultural and social differences the student have to face in a new country and how to adopt and cope with them along with the rigors and pressures that’s comes with higher education. When I started to study in China in September 2019, I embarked on a new journey of study life, stepped out from my comfort zone, and was apprehensive of challenges I would be facing.

However, RMBS welcomed us very well and I was enrolled in semester one of International MBA. The campus life in Renmin is rich, colorful and fulfilling. I found campus life very vibrant and welcoming with many opportunities to get involved in events and activities that attracted me. The learning was not only confined to the classrooms and I got the opportunity to participate in various workshops seminars and conferences related to the subjects. Time flew by so fast as I was busy in learning new skills through this activity-based learning environment.

Colder winds blowing in and mercury dropping every passing day always reminded me of the famous “winter is coming” motto of House of Starks from the popular and my favorite tv show Game of Thrones.  Come December and winter had arrived with freezing temperatures and snow falls. Year 2019 was about to end and so was the first semester of International MBA. It was time to sit back and ponder about the achievements, experiences and accomplishments.

Aneela of IMBA Class  2019

I believe that RUC is  an excellent place for  international students  because it takes the  initiative to make  international  populaces feel  connected to their  home and culture. It  was officially the  holiday season in  China. We lit up the  Christmas tree with  our friends, our dorm  was aglow in twinkle  lights, students were  arranging get  togethers, throwing  parties and eating  their hearts out with  tasty traditional  foods.  The main event of New Year night was at Mingdae Building, as it was lit up with a spectacular display of laser lights. Starting with the countdown to the New Year and going on to recreating the key monuments and events in the RUC through laser displays was amazing. This was a wonderful event and all of us enjoyed a lot.

As most of the students were getting ready for travel   to their hometowns, I was so pleasantly surprised when I received the invitation from International Student Office for attending the Chinese New Year reception. I felt so fortunate and was humbled to be among the five international students, chosen to represent the internal student body of RMBS at the event. It was indeed an honor to be invited along with high profile guest including alumni, several dignitaries from embassies and educational liaisons from different countries.

A moment with honorable Public Diplomacy Counsellor Embassy of Belgium

I was very excited to know that the participants were allowed to attend the reception in their national dresses as it gave me a chance to display and introduce my national dress to the fellow students and other multinational dignitaries and guests attending the reception. 

On January 10, 2020, the fellow participants and I reached the venue after a 45 minutes ride. Upon our arrival, the guests were given a guided tour of RUC giving a detailed insight in to its rich history. We were also briefed about the RUC communication and cooperative relations with other universities and research institutes of the world.

The formal red-carpet ceremony started after the guided tour. There was such a vibrant buzz as people from different backgrounds were pleasantly engaging in conversation on different topics, exchanging ideas and opinions in a cordial environment. The flash of cameras from the photographers frantically covering the event bedazzled me as me and the fellow students mingled up with other guests.  Although a bit overwhelmed, I was also able to meet with the participants, be acquainted and introduce ourselves as representatives from RMBS.                                                                                   

The highlight of the evening was gala musical performance by Renmin School of Arts. The musical performances of traditional Chinese instruments followed by contemporary music was very enjoyable and was much appreciated by all judging from the cheers of the participants. A sumptuous dinner was served after the musical performance and the event concluded with the photos on the red carpet and cute souvenirs to commemorate the year of mouse with mouse mascots as a Chinese New Year gift.

Academic Director of IMBA Professor Majid with Foreign Dignitaries during site visit

 It was an honor to attend the RUC New Year reception representing a multi-cultural, multi-national study body from different countries. Meeting and getting a chance to interact with dignitaries from embassies and educational liaisons from different countries was really a memorable and inspiring experience.

Given all the new experiences I had, meeting wonderful people from different part of the world and studying under an amazing and learned faculty; I can say without question, that it has been one of the best years of my life and I can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer. I hope that my stay in China and Renmin continue to be very amazing and I will keep looking for new adventures and exciting events.

新年快乐, 新的一年, 新的开始!