GNAM Open Climate Collabathon 2020


The Open Climate Collabathon is an open event mobilizing a global network of Universities, civic tech groups, startups and individuals to crowd-develop an integrated climate accounting system, designed to help the world track and achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement by leveraging state-of-the-art digital technologies.


Please see the information below and attached. Open Climate Callabathon_2020 Onboarding Deck.pdf


1. How to join the Open Climate Collabathon 

Main Website

This is the link to the main website, here you can learn more about the goal of the Collabathon as well as the whole year timeline of events. To sign up for more information and updates, click the sign up button and input your name, email into the section named "Join the Collabathon Events”.

1.1 April Earth Day Event Launch and Dialogue

The Collabathon website features the upcoming dialogues from April 22-26, which will showcase climate and technology experts as speakers and provide space for community engagement. Event link here.


2. How to form a Node and be part of the global network

Gitbook Node Page

This page on the Gitbook has all of the information someone will need to start a node. It includes a slide deck on how to get started as a node, a signup form to register as a node, and an FAQ for additional questions. 


2.1. Direct Node Registration Form

        Node Signup Form Ready to sign up as a node? Click the form above and get started. Wait for the application to be reviewed and for a co-organizer to reach out.


3. Sponsorship Opportunities for the whole year

This year the Collabathon will operate as a decentralised collective, and we recently launched the opportunity for organizations to sponsor the movement and events and benefit from its exponential climate & tech network. See the following link for more information and instructions.