Intensive: Innovation from the Inside Building Corporate-Startup Partnerships


The ‘Innovation from the Inside (Building Corporate-Startup Partnerships)’ intensive by the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (or Tsai CITY at will offer students from Yale University and selected international academic institutions glimpse into a growing field for transformation and will help founders identify, design, and sustain beneficial partnerships with corporations to scale their innovation. Led by Matt Hooper, Managing director at Idonea U.S. and formerly the first vice president of Open Innovation at the Barclays Investment Bank (check out Matt’s website and video reel), students will hear from successful practitioners on how to collaborate efficiently when the corporate partnerships they form consider the benefits, risks and challenges from the perspective of founders and corporates. Students will also expand their international network through teamwork and will have the opportunity to present a final group project to a selected panel of global C-suite level leaders* for final feedback.


The Intensive will consist of 5 group sessions between October 7 and November 11, 2022:

  • Session 1: Connecting Insurgents and Incumbents (Oct. 7 from 9-10am New York time)
  • Session 2: Making Your Way Through the ‘Innovation Theater District’ (Oct. 14 from 9-10am New York time)
  • Session 3: The Models and Methods for Realizing the Impossible (Oct. 28 from 9-10am New York time)
  • Session 4: The Blueprint for Success–and the Risks of Working Without It (Nov. 4 from 9-10am New York time)
  • Session 5: Demo Day: closing feedback loops with global practitioners (Nov. 11 from 9-10am New York time)


* Speakers for all sessions lead global organizations such as Siemens, Verizon 5G Labs, IBM, and more.

** Clocks in the US move forward one hour on November 6.


All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. In addition to the above-mentioned synchronous sessions, participating students will have access to asynchronous content and activities to distribute learning and encourage equitable participation.


The ‘Innovation from the Inside’ Intensive is for you:

  • if you believe that innovation ecosystems can foster greater collaboration between traditional business and new market players.
  • If you’re looking to understand how to address the clash of mind-sets between entrepreneurial startups and more traditional corporates.
  • if you’re on a mission to unleash the full potential of individuals and teams within organizations.



We intend for the intensive to:

  • Train student entrepreneurs and startup founders to identify where, when, and how to engage a corporation-whether that means as a partner, customer, or investor.
  • Demonstrate why 'Open Innovation' is a uniquely effective method for connecting early-stage startups with large, legacy institutions in efforts to both scale the startup and reinvent the institution.
  • Offer a guide to a variety of innovation programs, like accelerators, incubators, and venture studios, used in successful corporate-startup collaborations.


Note: Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, which means that we will close applications once we receive enough qualified applications.