Call for participation: Berlin Global Dialogue


Berlin Global Dialogue is a new high-level global forum that unites business and policy leaders to shape a world in transition. The return of great-power competition in a multipolar world, the disruption of global markets, and the perils of climate change are undermining international cooperation and the globalized economy.


Taking place September 28-29, 2023 in the heart of Berlin at ESMT Berlin, Germany’s leading business school, Berlin Global Dialogue offers space for open conversation and joint action on the most pressing geopolitical and economic challenges. In times of fragmentation, Berlin Global Dialogue creates a global gathering where decision-makers and thought leaders from politics, business, and society from all continents meet at eye level. Young voices from across the globe will join the discussion to bring forward the important perspective of the next generation.


Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany, among other guests, will attend together with the presence of further government representatives such as President of France Emmanuel Macron.

Call for students

ESMT is offering the opportunity to students from Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) member schools to participate in the Berlin Global Dialogue. Students will be able to join the full program of the forum and engage with business and policy leaders from across the world. This is a unique opportunity for students to interact with high-level decision-makers and to share their perspectives on issues such as economic fragmentation, international cooperation, innovation to tackle the climate crisis, and shaping a just and sustainable transition for all.