BusinessBecause: The 25 Best MBA Programs For Women


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At many business schools around the world, women MBA students are in the minority. But some schools have gone above and beyond to boost the number of women in their classrooms.

Currently, 38% of full-time MBA students globally are women, and although the representation of women on MBA programs is rising, it could be some time before many MBA programs achieve gender parity.

That's despite the benefits that women can reap from the qualification. Data from the Forté Foundation, which improves women's access to business education, shows that 95% of MBA graduates said the program improved their confidence, which is crucial for success in the workplace.

The study also found that MBAs increase earning potential by up to 65% over five years, which can go a long way toward women achieving equal pay to their male counterparts. 

With so many benefits, top business schools across the world are doing what they can to attract more women to their programs, with varying degrees of success. In the US, schools in the Financial Times’ (FT) top 100 rankings have an average of 36% women in their MBA cohorts, while China pulls ahead with 48%. India, meanwhile, has an average of just 24%.

A handful of top schools have managed to attain close to—or even higher than—50% women on their MBAs. 

View our list of the 25 best MBAs for women or read on for a break down of each school in the list.  

17. Renmin University of China Business School

46% female students

Women feature prominently on many of China’s top MBAs, and Renmin is no exception. The Beijing-based school currently has an MBA class that consists of 46% women, nudging it into the top 20 best MBAs for women this year.

35% of Renmin’s faculty are also women.