Recap of First “CBG Cup” Management Case Competition at Renmin Business School


LIU Yang & SHANG Mei & CAI Jingru,  IMBA Class of 2022

On 30 October 2020, two teams of students from RMBS competed in the final round of the first “CBG Cup” Management Case Competition, sponsored by China Brilliant Global (CBG 朗华国际集团, please find more about the company at the end of the article), with Team "Deng-Xiaoyaofeng" won the first championship and Team "Tiansheng-Yidui" the runner up, a closing mark to the three-month long competition.

The first “CBG Cup” Management Case Competition organized by the Renmin MBA Program Center and the MPAcc Program center, supported by the Case Centre for Management Cases & Teaching Innovation of RMBS, was one of the series of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Renmin Business as well as the 30th of MBA programs  and 15th MPAcc (Master of Professional Accounting) Program. The competition was initially launched in August 2020, attracting a total number of 167 participants, including 132 MBA students and alumni and 35 current students from MPAcc, MIB (Master of International Business) and MV (Master of Valuation) programs. After prescreening and several rounds of elimination within the past three months, the last two teams were shortlisted for the final round.

Group Photo of Participating Teams and Panel of Judges in the Final

The final competition held on 30 October was divided into the following two parts.

The first part involves Statement (10 minutes) and Debate (15 minutes). Two groups draw lots to decide the order of Statement and all members should also present, with the fourth speaker should make a concluding speech. Then each group gave a presentation with ppt delaying. After the two teams completing their statements, entered the Q&A (cross-question) session. The two teams took turns to ask questions and give responses.

Hosting the On-site Final

Onsite Debating in the Final

The second part of the competition involves the Question and Coment from the panelist. Professors challenged Group A and B in turn by thought-provoking questions and had in-depth discussions with the contestants.  

On 31 October 2020, the “CBG Cup” Management Case competition award ceremony was conducted on the Fourth Forum On FinTech & Industrial Finance Innovation, co-organized by the MBA program and MPAcc Program at Huixian Building of Renmin University of China. The champion team wins a prize of 8,000 RMB (≈ 1,200$) and runner up 2,000 RMB (≈ 300$) , respectively.

Guest-speaker Presenting Awards to the Winner Team

Guest-speaker Presenting Awards to the Runner-up Team

We have also interviewed several members of the two teams and they shared that:

After nearly two months of management case competition, we overcome difficulties, immersed ourselves in it and gained a lot. First is the case practice and knowledge integration. In the four round of competitions, we quickly learned and applied a number of management ideas and practices. From the classic case of Vanke, the legal relationship between corporate governance and minority shareholders' rights and interests is discussed dialectically. Each round of competition is combined with vivid enterprise cases to explore the theory and analyze the situation, so that we could ruminate the business problems in a short time. Second is multiple thinking. In this competition, the diverse background of participants. MBA, MPAcc / MV / MIB and other students from different industries and majors gathered together. In the process of each discussion and cooperation, we should fully learn from each other and complement each other. Third is the cooperation spirit. This competition has a long process. It not only involves the collection of early-stage data, problem research and judgment, framework building, but also the division of labor and cooperation in the later stage of exhibition, and even "remote" and "cloud" cooperation. In the process of leading the team to coordinate the division of labor, setting the schedule, revising each other and cooperating with the recording, it is also of great benefit to the overall planning and leadership of the team.

SHANG Mei (IMBA Class of 2022):

In the past two months, our team has been carefully preparing for this competition. This is such an amazing experience! There are totally four rounds of shortlisting. For each round we were given different cases to practice our ability. We learned a lot from our teammates. Although we haven't participated in the case contest before, we were still learning new knowledge and reading related literature. We also did a wide range of research about supply chain finance and corporate governance. And our team members are also helping each other during this process. Our advising professor provided us a lot of help, instructing us how to convey the information to the audience effectively through speech and how to think deeply and dig into details thoroughly.

We come to recognize more the importance of unity and the joy of learning. In the final, our team won the second place. We also realized the gap between ourselves and friends of the other debates. We will continue to make progress in the future. There is a saying that when we see men of worth, we should think of equaling them! We hope more students can participate in the similar busienss competitions!

LIU Yang  & CAI Jingru (IMBA Class of 2022)

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