Renmin MBA Team Wins Championship in IE Global Innovation Competition 2021


On 10th June 2021, RMBS received an official notice from IE Business School, congratulating that one of the two teams of RMBS MBA students, Team Trinity, has won the first place and 3,000 Euros in the 2021 Global Innovation Case Competition, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

To access the Promo Video shared by IE Business School:

Trinity members-current MBA students from IMBA Class of 2022-Temsin Wattanapanich (Thailand)Calvin Tegu (Uganda), Liu Yang (China)

The competition brings together students from the best universities around the world and showcases Johnson & Johnson’s unique positioning in retail and pharma, as well as IE Business School’s practical, interactive and global outlook. This year, the competition focuses on a current challenge being faced by Johnson & Johnson centered on a product’s market entry. Shortlisted teams of 3-4 students are invited to present the best strategy to tackle the issue at hand. The finals were held in Madrid, Spain, and each team had a 10-minute presentation and a 10-minute question-and-answer session with the judges consisting of professors from the IE Business School and Executives form Johnson & Johnson. Nine teams from six top business schools were selected for the finals.

Temsin, leader of Team Trinity, said, “The case was about a pharmaceutical product that none of us had any background. To make it even worse, the market that we had to analyze was the Spain market, which again, none of us had any idea about it. After a few debates, meetings, help from professor Majid and a lot of our efforts poured into the case, we were able to come up with a solution and were ready for the event. Fast forward, we presented our solution and we won the competition. For me, result is just a bonus I got from this competition. Getting to work with my teammates, challenging myself to the difficult task, learning from the available opportunities and getting to know more people are the real rewards”.

Liu Yang, a team member of Trinity mentioned that the ride was indeed not smooth at first because none of the team members have the pharmacy industry background. Team members are located in different time zones and they had to make extra efforts to coordinate meetings and discussion. Calvin echoed that It was no smooth ride but the individual professional experiences team work and knowledge gained from the IMBA course did offer them a cushion to sail through the challenges and eventually wow the judges with their impressive presentation. It was indeed worth the try and eventually the team efforts paid off, “Special credit to the professors that provided us with the right knowledge that we could apply during the competition”.

A workshop held the day before the competition introducing the Johnson & Johnson factory

Onsite competition in Madrid, Spain

Prizes and Winners (1st,2nd,and 3rd) Announcement

Group Photo of Participants both online and offline