RMBS Successfully Held 2nd Chunhua Cup Management Case Competition


Wang Lizhi &Yang Chao (IMBA Class of 2023)

On October 31st, 2021, the finals of the 2nd Renmin Chunhua Cup Management Case Competition, co-hosted by MBA Program Center, MPAcc Program Center, and Management Case and Teaching Innovation Research Center of RMBS of RMBS, and is sponsored and co-organized by Mr. Zhang Chunhua, Chairman of China Brilliant Group and an alumni of RUC, was successful concluded in Room 901, Lide Building.

The Final Round of Chunhua Cup Management Case Competition

After the preliminary competition online, a total number of 28 students stood out as exceptional, and teamed up into 7 groups for the semi-final online. And the two teams in the final were respectively selected from RMBS and from the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce. The two teams competed with each other both in wisdom and knowledge on the case of "Transition of Comagic from traditional mode to O2O mode (酷漫居从传统模式到O2O模式的转)".

The second Management Case Competition was officially launched on September 22nd, 2021. More than 100 students and alumni, from MBA, MPAcc, MIB and MV programs, have registered and participated in this competition. Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition adopted the form of online and offline combination.

The final, held on October 31s,t was organized with two main sessions:

Session One: Two teams respectively made a 10-minute presentation on the business case through analyzing the case company itself, and the key success factors & specific strategies in the transformation process. Q&A from the rival team was followed up after the presentations. Each team members fully displayed their professional knowledge, practical experience as well as outstanding thinking and analyzing ability, oral expression skills and anti-pressure capability.

Presentation and Debate by Winner 2021 Team from RMBS

Session Two: After the session of presentations and debates, five judges asked questions in turn, focusing on the case analysis presented by each rivalry team. The judges also guided the contestants to analyze the case from the perspectives of industry characteristics, strategic goals and value creation, and inspired them to think more about macro issues such as the inter-generational transformation of new retail sales, management leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Panel Raising up Questions

Finally, "Winner 2021 team" from RMBS won the first place of 2nd Renmin Chunhua Cup Management Case Competition, and the team from the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, won the second place. The champion team received cash award of 10,000 yuan, the runner-up won 6,000 yuan and the third-place team won 4,000 yuan.

The Panel Announced the Final Results

The Champion Team Received the Cash Award

The Team of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce Won the 2nd Place and the Cash Award

The two winning teams also shared their thoughts and reflections about participating in this business competition:

Team Winner 2021 from RMBS:

It is our great honor to participate in this business case competition. Thanks to both RMBS and China Brilliant Group for providing this great opportunity. We would also like to give our sincere thanks to the judges for their insightful guidance. This competition enables our team members to work hard together and fully explore everyone’s individual strengths. For example, someone is good at marketing, someone excels in business sensitivity, someone can well grasp the strategic perspective, and someone is detail and result oriented. We have to say, it's so awesome when everyone is working together so hard towards the same goal within limited time.

Team from the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce:

During one month of hard efforts by working together with wonderful team partners, we have benefited greatly from this unforgettable experience. By both exploring online resources and investigating through field trips, we have broadened our visions, enriched our thoughts, and also sharpened our own capabilities. We would like to give our thanks to the Business School, Renmin University of China, for providing us with this precious platform for learning from and communicating with so many outstanding professors and peer students.

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