Rising Leaders on Social and Environmental Sustainability


In this survey of 2,035 global business students of RMBS together with other GNAM member schools, conducted in partnership with the Global Network for Advanced Management and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, the key findings include:

Business students believe corporate leaders should be solving environmental and social issues-but they perceive the most serious issues to be elsewhere, no matter where they live in the world.

Business students expect sustainability to be threaded throughout corporations’ highest priorities-not treated as a stand-alone top priority.

Business schools are integrating sustainability topics, but students are calling on them to go further.

The ‘carbon tax on talent’ continues to rise: now, the majority of business students state that they would accept a lower salary to work with a sustainability-forward employer.

Read and download the report for the full context via https://cbey.yale.edu/research/rising-leaders-on-social-and-environmental-sustainability