The International Summer School (ISS) program, usually organized in July, is a 4 week program in English that’s open to all students from Renmin University of China and outside applicants. IMBA students can pick AT MOST THREE courses of their interest to attend and then transfer credits over to count towards graduation.
1. China Studies Courses (including Chinese Politics, Chinese Laws, Chinese Culture, and Chinese Economy)
2. Academic Frontier Courses & General Studies Courses (including Economics, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science & Engineering)
3. Language Training Courses (including Chinese Training Courses and English Training Courses).

The courses and the activities for each year are optimized based on the previous year's experiences and feedbacks from participants. For more information about this year’s International Summer School, please visit the official website @ You can also view the Summer School curriculum, usually released in March or April, by visiting the website.Course selection is opened around June, please pay close attention to these notices on the website.

  • Course Selection Instructions

    Step 1:Enter the official website(;Please make sure to use IE browser

    Step 2:Click “暑期学校选课”(summer school course selection)

    Step 3:Click“On-Line Application” (see picture below)。Fill out basic information (mobile, email, TOFEL, IELTS etc.)

    Step 4:Click “Course Selection”see below picture. It shows all curriculums with detailed information, such as the class size, number of applicants and number of approved applicants. Please select appropriate courses based on that information.

    The course selection page will show all the available courses. Depending on whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, there will be different curriculums. After selecting the course and clicking on the select course button,a confirmation notice will show that you’ve successfully selected the course. Please note that each student can only select two courses at the most.

    Click on“Drop Courses” to enter the system for dropping a course, as shown on below picture. Students are only able to drop courses during the course selection period. After this period, everything becomes final.

    Step 5:Click “Check the result of your course selection” to check the courses you have selected (picture below). This page shows the approval status of all the courses you’ve selected, such as “No treatment”, “Passed” or “Refused”. The first stage of course selection process is open registration and all the status will show “No treatment”. After screening, the status will change to either “Passed” or “Refused”. If you’ve successfully selected a course in the second stage, the status will automatically show “Passed”.

    All course selection will become final only after the approval status indicates it has “Passed”. The academic grades of approved courses will be added to your official transcript. On the other hand, a status showing “Refused” will mean that you were denied approval to take the course.

    Step 6:Time preference will be applied on the second stage of course selection until the class is either full or the course selection period is over.

For more information, please contact:
International Summer School Office:
Keyan Building B, Room602
Tel: 62511150
Academic Department Information Office:
Keyan Building B, Room 503
Tel: 62513533;